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This cookie policy aims to provide you with the exact information on the cookies that we, PepsiCo ESSA (hereinafter, “PEPSICO”), use on our web portal for PepsiCo in Europe, the purpose of such use, the data we collect through each of the cookies and on how to erase or disable them using your internet browser tools.


A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. The website stores a corresponding file (with same ID tag) to the one they set in your browser and in this file they can track and keep information on your movements within the site and any information you may have voluntarily given while visiting the website


We use the following cookies on our Europe website to enhance the quality of our services, to enable you to navigate between different sections our website efficiently and generally improving your experience of a website.

Third Party Cookies are set by other organizations that we use for different services. For example, we use external analytics services and these suppliers may set cookies on PEPSICO’s behalf in order to report which part of the website popular and which is not.

Session Cookies are stored only for the duration of your visit to a website and these are deleted from your device when your browsing session ends.

Persistent Cookies are saved on your device for a fixed period. A persistent cookie enables our website to remember your information on subsequent visits, speeding up or enhancing your experience of services or functions offered.

Below you can find the exact list of the cookies that we use, with respective names, purpose, expiration term and the entity responsible for their management:



Expiration term

Responsible entity

Google Analytics

These are analytic cookies which enable the monitoring and analysis of user behavior on and interaction with our website. The information collected is used for measuring user activity on the website as a whole and on its separate parts, with the aim of improving the website, as well as the products and services offered.


_utma (Google Analytics user cookies): Determines the number of unique visitors to the site

A persistent cookie; expires 2 years after the last update. The cookie gets updated every time you visit this website.

_utmb (Google Analytic session cookies) y _utmc (Google Analytics session state cookies): these cookies work together to calculate the average length of time you spend on our site. _utmb cookies register the moment you start your visit on the page, and _utmc cookies register the moment when you close your browser.

The _utmb cookie is a persistent cookie; expires 30 minutes after your last visit of this website.

The _utmc cookie is a session cookie, which is automatically erased once you abandon the page or close your browser.

_utmz (Google Analytics user origin cookies): This provides information about how you reached the site (e.g. from another website or a search engine, e-mail link or advertising banner) and permits us to determine the exact traffic on our web provided through each source. 

A persistent cookie; expires 6 months after the last update. The cookie gets updated every time you visit this website.

_utmv (Google Analytics user variables cookies) user for data segmentation (e.g., demographic data such as user age or geographical area, obtained through the registry form).

You can obtain more information on these cookies on:


A persistent cookie; expires 2 years after the last update. The cookie gets updated every time you visit this website.


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You can setup, block or remove the cookies through your internet software browsing settings. Below you can find some information on most commonly used browsers. You can also obtain more detailed information here.

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Settings -> Privacy -> Configuration.

For more information on the internet explorer please click on the next links:

For more information, please check http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Cookies

  • Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content Configuration.

For more information, please check http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95647

  • Safari: Preferences-> Security.

For more information, please check http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042 (para iOS - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677)

Once you block cookies installation on your computer, tablet or mobile device, you may not be able to use come of the services provided by this website or access to some of its contents.   


PEPSICO reserves the right to modify, develop or update the present Cookies Policy in any moment and without a prior notice. We recommend you to read the Cookies Policy every time you access our PepsiCo in Europe website in order to be fully informed on what cookies we use and for what purpose.